Phoenix Heavy Duty Storage Rack - Shelf Layer Only, Sold Individually, Various Sizes

Phoenix Food EquipmentSKU: PHS-24-72

Depth: 24"
Length: 72" (6 Feet)
$80 CAD


Phoenix heavy duty storage racks are designed to handle heavy and bulky items. The pallet rack style design is flexible and robust, perfect for heavier weights that wire shelving can't handle. The connecting design makes this shelving system more stable as you connect more pieces, making them perfect for parts rooms, retail, or large storage applications.

The flat board inserts prevent small boxes from being unbalanced or getting caught in openings formed by traditional wire grates. With a large variety of size combinations, this shelving is flexible enough to fit any space, from a warehouse to a home garage.

Features & Specifications:

  • Each shelf layer includes 2 beams and solid board inserts and is sold individually
  • Layers are completely height adjustable along the frame
  • Beams and flat board inserts are painted dark gray
  • A minimum of 2 beams are required to construct a rack for stability, no maximum
  • 800 to 1100 pound capacity per shelf layer when evenly distributed (800lbs capacity for each 8' layer, 1100lbs capacity for 4' and 6' layers)
  • True measurements may vary slightly. Please see table below for precise measurements:
 Model Exact Measurement
PHS-24-48 (24" Deep x 48" Long) 23.6"D x 47.2"L
PHS-24-72 (24" Deep x 72" Long) 23.6"D x 70.9"L
PHS-24-96 (24" Deep x 96" Long) 23.6"D x 98.4"L
PHS-30-72 (30" Deep x 72" Long) 29.5"D x 70.9"L
PHS-30-96 (30" Deep x 96" Long) 29.5"D x 98.4"L

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