Phoenix Food Equipment was founded by three siblings; Michael, Robert and Julia. We started this company with the idea that purchasing equipment should be easy, when often it’s not.

With our previous experience in the industry, we felt that customers are often forced to choose between good customer service and reasonable prices. At Phoenix, customer service and fair prices are standard. We pride ourselves on delivering fast and convenient service with available online purchasing, convenient pick up and shipping options, long store hours and availability by phone or email. Our knowledgeable and respectful staff will ensure your purchasing experience is always pleasant, because if you’re speaking to someone at Phoenix, you’re likely speaking to one of the owners.

Customers ask us why our name is Phoenix; for some, the symbolism is obvious. A Phoenix is a mythological fire bird that, upon its death, is reborn from its ashes, representing strength and perseverance. It represents the entrepreneurial spirit. It represents the fortitude to continue through uncertainty, the strength to push beyond your limits and the knowledge that after every devastating loss, there is always a new opportunity.